Sacha Baron Cohen would have played a version of Dormammu in Ironheart

A version of Dormammu may make an appearance in the Disney+ series Ironheart, according to recent sources. This appearance will also be addressed when the comic book character Hood joins the show.

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Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen, an actor well known for his roles in The Dictator, Borat, Bruno and Hugo has now apparently found his way into the MCU, rumored to play a version of Dormammu in the Ironheart series. There have been rumors floating around that the Ironheart series will introduce Hood to the universe, and his powers come from Dormammu in the comics which can be described as identical in the Disney+ series.

Fans can rest assured that the actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, knows the stuff well and we could see another great portrayal of Dormammu on screen. The first Dormammu appearance we witnessed was in Doctor Strange when the villain was portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch himself, there haven’t been many Dormammu appearances since then and perhaps we can further verify her story and her powers in the Ironheart series.

The character Ironheart will first be introduced in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and how we saw some shots of his armor in the trailer. The series is set in Phase 5 of the MCU with a fall 2023 release date in sight on Disney+, fans of the comic villain will have to wait even longer for the return of one of the most powerful villains in history. marvel universe.