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“Remember Eunice, The Lady Born Without Legs” See What The Husband Did To Her


Eunice, a woman born without legs in Nairobi County, told her caregivers that her boyfriend existed having an affair.

After the death of Eunice’s father, Eunice’s mommy decided to leave her in the care of her grandparents due to financial difficulties.

After that, he entered a comprehensive academy, meanwhile, only in the sixth grade did he realize how different he was from the other children.

She couldn’t keep up with most of her classmates’ hobbies, including walking.

He said he became enraged when one of his students asked him why he had no limbs. She was met by her grandparents as she cried at home and they said she was lucky.

Despite feeling inadequate, life went on and he asked to move in with students who had the same disabilities as him. After college, he struggled to explore these paintings due to illness. Later, when her grandparents got older and felt like a burden on them, she moved down with her brother.

She claimed the babysitter apologized for the embarrassment. I did, but then I forgave him. She claims that it was difficult to find a job because of her disability.

She asked them to help her start using makeup because she was obsessed with him and her brother was getting married soon and moved into her house because she didn’t want to be a burden on her.


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