R. Kelly: Victim says she now engaged with the star

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One of R. Kelly’s alleged victims says they are now engaged

A woman who is alleged to have been abused by singer R. Kelly has said she is engaged to the star and claims he is ‘not the monster’ people say he is in a letter she sent ahead of his sentencing for sex-trafficking.

Joycelyn Savage wrote a letter to Judge Ann Donnelly before he was handed a 30-year sentence, in which she claimed that he ‘an all-around incredible person’ and insisted that she was ‘not the victim’.

Claims that R. Kelly was abusing Savage come out in 2019, with accusations he had got her pregnant and forced her to have abortions twice.

However, a month after the accusations were made, Savage claimed an imposter made was responsible and denied she had ever been forced to have an abortion.

In her letter, Savage said: “My name is Joycelyn Savage, and I’m Robert Kelly’s fianće.
“I’m writing this letter in support of Robert in advance of his sentencing, so I can explain to the court that I’m not the victim that the government has portrayed me to be.”
The 26-year-old went on to say the relationship was ‘amazing’ and that they shared a ‘very special connection’ and are ‘deeply in love’.

Savage, who has lived with R. Kelly since 2015, said in her letter that she ‘still supports him to this day’ and will ‘always be here to support him’.

She continued: “Robert’s an all-around incredible person. He loves his music and is very passionate about that. He’s positive, outgoing and very generous.

“He always takes any opportunity he can to help those in need. He’s very determined and focused on his goals, and the things that have been said about him, with me and other women being held against our will is absolutely untrue. It’s the complete opposite of who he is and what my relationship is like with Robert.”

Last month, R. Kelly, 55, was sentenced to 30-years in prison for sex trafficking and abusing girls following a six-week trial last year.

Although Savage has spoken out in support of Kelly several times, her family – who have not had contact with her for several years – claim she has been brainwashed by the star.

Back when Savage first claimed that the allegations had been made by an imposter, her family said in a statement: “We’re saddened and disappointed to learn that Joycelyn Savage has said that she was not the person operating the Patreon account.

“We deeply desired to hear her story and in her own voice outside of the presence of Robert Sylvester R. Kelly or anyone associated with him.” – ladbible, – allhiphop

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