Prince David Osei loses his cool and discloses Jackie Appiah’s source of wealth

Jackie Appiah

Actress Jackie Appiah was lambasted online after a video of her lavish property appeared online, and Ghanaian star Prince David Osei lost his cool over the situation.

Actress Jackie Appiah has been in the news for days after Nollywood star Luchy Donalds published a video of her stunning Trasacco home online.

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Actor Prince Osei slammed Jackie Appiah’s critics on his Instagram page. He says that a lot of people are limited because they envy and jealousy of others. He asked the public if it is not possible to become wealthy while acting.

Prince David revealed the source of Jackie Appiah’s fortune, saying that she began making UB40 TVCs and computer commercials in Legon many years ago.

He also asked Ghanaians to start learning how to celebrate people who share their success. He emphasized that everyone has a skeleton in the closet so people should be calm judging others like they are the devil.