[Photos] Female Argentina Fan Goes Topless While Celebrating Win, Internet Concerned She’ll Be Arrested In Qatar

Argentina Fan Goes Topless

The Qatari code of ethics forbids fans from attending games n@ked. However, Argentina Fan Goes Topless after their win over france.

After Lionel Messi’s team overcame France and won the FIFA World Cup for Argentina, Argentina Fan Goes Topless while waving the fans.

The football flag the woman brought, which slipped inadvertently, briefly obscured her as she stood in the front row of Qatar’s Lusail Stadium on Sunday.

As the woman’s pictures spread on social media, many individuals voiced worry for her well-being. According to several of them, she may be detained for breaking Qatar’s laws.

Female Argentina Fan Goes Topless

The conservative nation had urged football supporters to respect local culture by refraining from dressing provocatively in public. Visitors were encouraged to dress modestly and refrain from exposing their shoulders and knees in public, among other restrictions imposed by Qatari officials before to the World Cup.

The code of ethics also forbade spectators from wearing no shirt while watching the games. 

However, the female Argentine fan overreacted.

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