Phone Repairer Slapped With 14-Year Jail Sentence For Posting Lady’s Nude Pictures On Social Media

We have chanced upon a report that revealed that a phone repairer has been slapped with a 14-year jail sentence.

Per the report, the phone repairer is just 22-year-old and he was sentenced after she shared some nude photos of a Lebanese woman on social media.

The report, according to MyJoyOnline, stated that the phone repairer was dragged to an Adentan Circuit Court. The name of the phone repairer was given as Solomon Doga and while in court, he pleaded guilty to charges of sexual extortion and non-consensual sharing of intimate images.

He then prayed that the court should forgive him, however, the Court presided over by Mrs. Sedinam Awo Balokah convicted Doga on his plea and sentenced him to 12 years on the charge of sexual extortion.

He was also sentenced to two years imprisonment on the charge of non-consensual sharing of intimate images and the sentences are to run consecutively, meaning he is to serve 14 years imprisonment.

In his narration, the Prosecuting Chief Inspector, Maxwell Lanyo indicated that the complainant is a manager of a firm in Accra and a Lebanese, and according to him, the accused resided at Spintex, Accra.

On how the whole thing happened, it was revealed that on June 9, 2022, the complainant’s driver sent her phone to Doga to unlock it. Whiles unlocking the phone, Doga went into the complainant’s phone memory and saw her naked pictures.

It said Doga sent the pictures to the complainant and demanded money from her. The complainant then blocked Doga on her phone. After blocking Doga, he then splashed the complainant’s naked pictures on Facebook and messenger.

It was revealed that a few minutes after Doga had posted the pictures, people, including her workers started calling her that her nude pictures had been splashed on Facebook.

The prosecution indicated that the complainant contacted an IT specialist and the accused was arrested.