Pentecostal Church Pastor Was Caught Trying To Sleep With His Sister-In-Law.

In Delta, a Pentecostal Church Pastor was caught trying to sleep with his sister-in-law

A Pentecostal Church Pastor, who has yet to be recognized, was detained after attempting to have sexual contact with his sister-in-law in the Delta State town of Warri.

After being captured, the man, who is reported to be a Pentecostal Church Pastor on Udi Road in Delta, was also accused of covertly sleeping with several of his church’s female members.

In a video obtained, the man of God is shown sitting on the ground while a group of enraged individuals who caught him in the act condemn him for attempting to carry out such a taboo.

We still do not know who these people caught the pastor in the act but the man of God is seen pleading with them to forgive him.

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