Peggy Lamptey Explicates Her Sexual Fetishes

Peggy Lamptey
Peggy Lamptey

Ghanaian TikTok star, Peggy Lamptey, has given a clear description of her sexual preferences, by indicating her unrelenting desire for men.

Social media slay queen and TikTok influencer, Peggy Lamptey, has explained her position on sexual attachments and attraction, as she clearly exclaims her sexual preferences, by admitting that her admiration of female partners, doesn’t depict her true sexuality, because she prefers the opposite sex, as opposed to same sex.

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The physically radiant Tiktoker, who made an appearance on Zionfelix’s exclusively uninterrupted interview session, conceded to the fact that she truly adores young ladies and indulges her hypothetical sexual pleasures with them, but on the contrary, does not act on her flirtatious inclinations.

Peggy said although she goes out of her way to freely compliment ladies who per her perspective, thinks are stunning, elegant, and beautiful, she in no way, extends her female relationship boundaries beyond a certain threshold.

According to the quick rising TikToker, she only creates an atmosphere of familiarity, that gives her the free space to discover potentially platonic relationships.

To support her argument of not being a lesbian, Peggy said getting the most extreme satisfaction during sexual encounters in bed, comes directly from a man, hence, no lady can please her intimately.

Peggy Lamptey
TikToker: Peggy Lamptey

During the same interview session, Peggy Lamptey underscored the monetary advantages she gets from TikTok, in efforts to rouse the interest of other makers of such content to use the medium.

She uncovered that she recently made 2,500 Ghanaian cedis for a live video feed transmission. Peggy conceded that occasionally, she promptly takes out her earnings, and on certain days, she holds off.

The young TiKTok influencer, recounted the horrendous phase of losing her live feed portal, whiles being banned for approximately seven months. She affirmed that each of her post goes for 2,500 Ghanaian cedis.


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