Patapaa: My Marriage Has Changed Me

Patapaa revealed

My Marriage Has Changed Me

Patapaa revealed how his marriage has changed him into a better man. Patapaa is one of the artists who blessed and are still blessing Ghana with hit songs, he recently got married to his white woman which brings a broken heart to his long-time girlfriend.

Patapaa became popular in Ghana and the world at large after releasing his hit song “One Corner” which paused so many trends online as the international market-accepted his one corner trend.

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He was in an interview recently with Giovanni Caleb who is known to be the best male presenter after taking over date rush as the main host. Giovanni asked a lot of questions and the one which catches the attention of netizens was about his marriage, where Patapaa explains why his union with his white wife has made him a better person in life.

In his own voice “You have to make the woman who has chosen to live with happy. So there are certain things you can do as a bachelor. But once you marry, nobody will tell you to change. You will change on your own. It is a spiritual thing. Even the Bible says that the man and woman would become one and that is what brings blessings “

And now Patapaa and his German wife, Liha Miller are already expecting their first child, This is good news.

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