Kumawood Actor, Osei Tutu Was Killed By A Lady From Ada (New Details Pop Up)

The latest development concerning the death of the popular Kumawood actor, Osei Tutu is that she was killed by a lady.

Per what we gathered, the actor was killed by this lady from Ada who he defrauded. The actor was alleged to have connived with a fake lotto operator and money doubler to dupe unsuspecting viewers of their hard-earned money on TV.

It was during this program that the lady was asked by Osei Tutu and his conspirators to send GHC 200 which they promised to double into GHC 400.

After sending them the money, they failed to hold to their part of the bargain and according to the report, this is what the actor has been doing for years.

Due to this, the lady who felt grossly cheated vowed to use black magic on him in order to take her revenge and this reportedly caused the death of the actor.

This comes after his mother blamed some of the actor’s colleagues in the industry to be behind his demise. According to her, the actor confided in her that some of his colleagues wanted him out of the way.

Source: www.ghnewslive.com