Nigerian ladies use voodoo dolls to command their boyfriends to do their bidding (video)


The young women made their requests, blew on the voodoo doll, and uttered a unified “Iseeeee.”

A video of two Nigerian women using fetish techniques to manipulate their lovers is currently trending online. The women in the popular video utilized voodoo dolls to convince their lovers, Emeka and Victor, to lavish money on them during the Christmas season.

One of the ladies commanded her boyfriend to buy her hair, shoe, bag, clothes and a brand new phone, so she can paint the town red in December.

The other lady, on her part, commanded her man to love her more than his mother. After stating their wishes, the young ladies blew on the voodoo doll and said “Iseeeee” in unison.

Watch the video below,

Meanwhile, the video has sparked different reactions on social media.

An IG user reacting @erm_eye wrote, “How do you do Juju for someone else to give you material stuff? Why can’t the juju just give you want you want directly?”

@berby_purity wrote, “What is the world turning into…. instead of them to go look for something meaningful and start with their lives, they are busy blowing rubbish. one thing is for sure, u can’t reap where you didn’t sow..go get a life”

@jolomo_otoritse_photography wrote, “This is disturbing, young girls abroad are competing with men financially and our ladies here are doing juju for men, shameful”


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