Nigerian Couple Seeking Divorce Storm Court In Matching Outfit

Nigerian Couple Seeking Divorce Storm Court In Matching Outfit

Netizens react after Nigerian couple seeking divorce storm Court in matching outfit

A Nigerian couple apparently seeking the dissolution of their marriage sparked a commotion in a high court due to the manner in which they appeared.

The guy and his wife came at the courthouse dressed identically, which made the judge worry if they were serious about the divorce.

A court photo that is spreading on social media shows the pair standing next to each other wearing the same clothing.

The judge was claimed to have asked them whether they truly wanted to break the marriage because there still appeared to be a spark.

According to a tweep: “Judge said are you sure you want a divorce, because I can see a light.”

 Reacting to the post

@YayraAnnette; Couples who are United even in divorce

@vicmac575; I guest they have reconciled and want to inform the court

@IbrahimSumani3; The picture tells you that, there’s no bad feelings between them b4 filling for divorce and even after the divorce is granted by the law court. So it was not coincidental that the couple wore same clothes to court.


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