Netizens Angrily Blast Hajia Bintu For Advising Women On How To Treat Men

Hajia Bintu

Hajia Bintu has fallen in the hands of Netizens as she gets slammed for advising ladies not to beg men for love but rather use charm on them.

Hajia Bintu has been one of the celebrities with a huge backside. She is widely known on social media as an influencer who drops pictures of her body shape. She seems to be in trouble today as some social media users storm the comment section under her post which advises young ladies to use spiritual powers (“JuJu”) on their men.

She was recently off from social media and was heavily accused of being pregnant, now Hajia Bintu is back on social media after the break, in the post that has triggered Netizen, she made it clear that ladies begging men for love.

Hajia Bintu made this comment on Twitter and it has amazed a lot of people. She may be doing it in real life but the question is must she bring to social media to drag her followers into it?

Trembling social media, the young curvaceous lady stated that: “Don’t beg people to love you, use juju on them”.

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After posting the above tweet, her comment section was filled with people calling her an attention seeker and a woman with low self-esteem.

Although many people have been lambasting Bintu, there were some also who were on her side supporting her to show men who refuse to do the right thing.

Read through the comments and reactions that are flying into the comments section of Hajia Bintu.

“I did my national service at the shrine. Afterward, I inherited 6 shrines from my father. I will combine all the powers and use it on you. 🤣🤣”

“This woman paaa u are wicked oooo 😂. How many of them did u use juju on them??”

“Sometimes spend stardom and fame positively. It is part of the rules of engagement with fame. Such commentaries may trend you but might be used against you tomorrow when many start to look up to you….regardless of the jocular bit in it.”

Reacting to the news surrounding her comment, the beautiful young Hajia Bintu shows no remorse about the comment she passed. According to her, she is aware the tweet will definitely trend on many news portals.

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