Nana Kwaku Bonsam Pleads On Behalf Of Nana Agradaa On Live Television

Notable Ghanaian spiritualist and fetish priest, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, whose name, “Bonsam” interprets in a real sense as “Devil” has warmly beseeched Ghanaians for the benefit of fellow spiritualist and fetish priest, turned servant of God, Nana Agradaa.

Kwaku Bonsam & Nana Agradaa.

During an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii, on his web based Streaming Show, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, the feared spiritualist and magician, went down on his knees, and pleaded with all victimized persons, particularly the people who have succumbed to the ‘Sika Gari’ ruse, and have been verbally irritated by the fraudulent female media personality, Nana Agradaa.

In his perspective, Ghanaians ought to foster a forgiving mentality in their heart to excuse Nana Agradaa, who now is a televised servant of God, clarifying his argument, that the nearly depicted fakester, bit more than she could evidently chew, and in the process, exhibited a few silly and unprofessional traits that requires pardoning.

In the midst of his supplication, Nana Kwaku Bonsam sent one to Agradaa who is still in police guardianship since she’s having to deal with penalties at an alternate Circuit Court on one count of charlatanic advertisement and five counts of swindling by misleading notion.

Ghanaian fetish priest, Kwaku Bonsam.

He forewarned Agradaa to be wary in her transactions with individuals and should at absolutely no point ever, cheat or go after other individuals in the future, adding that what she is experiencing now, which has kick-started a public deliberation, ought to be a valuable case in point for her, moving on.

“I plead with the government and all those Nana Agradaa has offended to forgive her. Take it as she is a child and pardon her and release her from custody”. Nana Kwaku Bonsam said on TV whiles kneeling down.

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