‘Take Dancing & Music Out Of TikTok & What Will Be Left Will Be “Gyimie”‘ – Mr. Logic

Sharing his contemplations on TikTok assuming control over music advancement in Ghana, Mr. Logic has uncovered that assuming that we remove moving and music from TikTok, what will be left on TikTok will be immaterial.

He spread the word about this in a new accommodation he made on the famous Ghanaian radio broadcast, Hitz FM, and in his accommodation, he said;

“Some songs are being dramatized on TikTok but are not crossing borders because the radio didn’t pick them up. It isn’t always the case but radio is instrumental.

We need all these platforms to market our music – TikTok, radio and more. The dancers are the only ones making TikTok interesting.

Take dancing and music out, what will be left will be “gyimie”.”

Source: www.ghnewslive.com