Moesha Boduong shockingly runs back to Slay Queen life as being Born again fails to pay – Video

Moesha Boduong

Actress Moesha Boduong has been trolled as she appears on the verge of returning to her slay queen lifestyle despite claiming to be born again.

Moesha Boduong has started dropping hints – words, photos, and videos – making it clear she misses her old lifestyle. She’s trying to merge it into her new lifestyle but it comes off as her backsliding and on her way back to her prime.

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A few days ago, Moesha declared despite being born again, no one can take her spot as the number 1 slay queen around.

“I’m back and I will still be the number 1 biggest slay queen woman of God and no one can take my spot,” she said.

Moesha has now shared a new video walking and flaunting assets like a slay queen.

She walked away from the camera, wildly swinging her buttocks and hips.

It’s a video the old Moesha would have been proud of!

It’s clear Moesha is backsliding, she misses her old life and is slowly jumping back into it.

Watch her below and take a close look at her caption.

You can’t change your life overnight, no one can, and now Moesha is finding that out.

You’re telling us the biggest slay queen in Ghanaian history is now born again and would never slay in her life again? Please!

Besides, being born again doesn’t pay and doesn’t fly you to Turkey, Greece or the Maldives.

Breaking news – Moesha is definitely going back to being a slay queen – we’ve all been played!