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Michael Quested, Director of Hip-Hop Music Videos for Goldcrest Films, Will Testify Before a House Committee on Jan. 6

Michael Quested

Michael Quested is a film producer, executive director, and owner of Goldcrest Films. His work has earned him two Emmys and an Oscar nomination. He has produced more than 35 films. Among his credits are the acclaimed films ‘The Last Patrol’ and ‘Korengal’. Quested’s other credits include the biopic Tim Hetherington and ‘Restrepo,’ a documentary about the life of legendary rock star Michael Jackson.


nick quested

Filmmaker Nick Quested, a native of London, is expected to testify on Jan. 6 before a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot. The committee is hoping to paint a narrative of coordinated effort by the police, media, and other authorities. His testimony is crucial, as he has embedded himself with a group of Proud Boys before the attack and will likely face questions about the footage he filmed.

A documentary filmmaker, Quested began his career in hip-hop music videos in the late ’90s. He worked with some of the most iconic names in rap history and was even nominated for an Oscar. B

ut before he started making documentaries, Quested was busy directing hip-hop music videos, and he quickly rose to prominence. In the process, he honed his skills by directing music videos for rap artists such as Dr. Dre and Jay-Z.

During Thursday’s hearing, Quested was asked to give a first-hand account of Proud Boys’ preparation and planning. During the march from the Save America rally at the Ellipse to the Peace Monument at the foot of Capitol Hill, the Proud Boys passed a police perimeter.

At one point, a man in the crowd confronts Capitol police officers, and this exchange became widely viewed as the tipping point of a riot.

A film crew of Goldcrest Film filmed the Capitol assault, and it is now available for the public to view. The footage was provided to the House committee looking into the incident. A group of approximately 100 Proud Boys gathered at the Washington Monument at 6 a.m. on Jan. 6, 2021, and some of them allegedly charged toward the Capitol building. Other members of the Proud Boys were charged with assault, including some of the alleged Oath Keepers.

The documentary’s director, Nick Quested, was part of a film crew that captured an early morning meeting between Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes at a Washington, D.C. parking garage. Tarrio had been ordered from the District of Columbia following a previous arrest.

A recording of an unnamed individual discussing the Capitol was recorded by the film crew. Details of the meeting are vague, but Quested says he was part of an informal group discussing how to breach and occupy the Capitol.

Director of music videos

The director of music videos for Nick Quested is no stranger to hip-hop fans. Despite his background in documentary filmmaking, Quested honed his skills directing hip-hop videos. He has worked with some of the most iconic names in rap history, including Dr. Dre, and is now a well-known name in hip-hop. His music videos have garnered an impressive list of accolades.

Goldcrest Films is headed by Nick Quested, the executive director and owner of the studio. Quested has established itself as one of the world’s most successful documentary production companies. He is the winner of two Emmy awards and has produced more than 35 films, including “The Last Patrol” and “Korengal.” Nick Quested has also directed numerous music videos for a variety of artists, including Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyoncé.

In the wake of the 2016 election, Nick Quested went on a mission to document the divide between the left and the right in the United States. He embedded with the so-called “Proud Boys,” a far-right group that has been charged with seditious conspiracy. Quested began filming the Proud Boys for a documentary about polarization in American politics but ended up documenting the Jan. 6 attacks.

Director of documentary

Goldcrest Films executive director and owner Nick Quested is a highly respected name in the documentary industry. His production company has won two Emmy awards and he has produced more than 35 films. His credits include Sebastian Junger’s The Last Patrol, Korengal, and Restrepo. Quested is also an Emmy and Peabody Award winner. One of his credits is ‘Restrepo,’ a documentary about the fall of Syria.

Quested followed the Proud Boys after their election and was an “accidental witness” to their activities. His documentary features interviews with Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and the founder of Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes. The filmmakers then shot audio of the meeting and are expected to testify at the House select committee’s hearing. The footage is expected to show the moment when a gang of Proud Boys attacked a Capitol police officer.

During the Capitol attack, Quested filmed and interacted with members of a far-right group. He is also expected to face a series of questions about the footage he shot. Quested has a history of telling people’s stories in difficult situations. His films have focused on topics ranging from the lives of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to the lives of Mexican drug cartels. The director of a documentary, Nick Quested, will testify before a House committee on the subject on Jan. 6.

The film Blood on the Wall is a stunning documentary by Sebastian Junger, who uses on-the-ground journalism and a granular point of view to reveal the humanity of the migrants who flee to the United States. Quested and his team reveal the complexities of migration from Central America and the role of organized crime. Quested also reveals the political and drug-trafficking organizations in the area. Both these groups are battling for power and a place to call home.

Owner of production company

Nick Quested is the executive director and owner of Goldcrest Films, an award-winning production company. With over 35 films to his name, Quested has won two Emmys and has been nominated for an Oscar. His credits include the Oscar-nominated “Special Delivery” and “Rubble Kings.” He has also directed more than 100 hip-hop music videos, including many with iconic names in the rap industry.

Quested has made a career of telling other people’s stories. His films have shown the lives of soldiers serving in Afghanistan and the life of Mexican drug cartels. In 2010, he was ensconced with far-right radical group the Proud Boys. The group was later charged with seditious conspiracy. Quested began filming them for a documentary and ended up covering the Jan. 6 attacks.

Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested have created a documentary that explores the current migration crisis in Mexico. Blood on the Wall examines the internal and external forces that created the situation. The film examines the connections between rampant political corruption and resiliency in the drug trade, as well as the formation of migrant caravans. The film is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 30. It’s also available on iTunes and on the web.


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