Medikal Asserts His Profound Standpoint On Marriage – Says Wives Should Be Submissive

Medikal Asserts His Profound Standpoint On Marriage

There might be trouble on the mountain, inferred from how it has become difficult to determine whether the powerhouse couple, Medikal and Fella Makafui, are toying with the minds of their fans and admirers or not. In any case, their new set of posts via social media indicates that everything isn’t well at home.

Going back 24 hours, Fella Makafui in a tweet, unveiled that she was in the process of making the hardest choice in her life.

Her tweet, as specifically detailed, read; “I’m about to make the hardest decision ever”

Fella Makafui’s erased tweet.

Following her currently erased tweet on the microblogging medium, admirers and observers have begun implying that perhaps there’s an atmosphere of marital instability approaching over the indivisible couple.

Before this notion began, some Instagram phantom bloggers asserted on their distinctive pages that Fella Makafui may have caught Medikal involved in a salacious affair outside of their marriage, on quite a number of occasions, and their marriage as a result of this, is near the very edge of breakdown.

Indeed, Medikal has likewise shared a very interesting post on his Snapchat which has ignited serious attention and concentration on social media mediums.

As per the rapper, spouses should be submissive, respectful, appreciative and stress free.

Medikal’s post on Snapchat.

Unexpectedly, Medikal has transitioned into a marriage mentor, and it’s accepted that his recently discovered position is a consequence of his unpleasant involvement with Fella.

Is Fella Makafui the total inverse of the characteristics Medikal indicated in his post? Thus, the explanation for him looking for a separation as firmly conjectured on social media?

Have the adoration they shared for one another suddenly met its unprecented end? Indeed, the answers to these million dollar questions will eventually be revealed in the course of time, when the actual truth inevitably comes to light.

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