Marcus Rashford begs to meet a young fan whose jersey was snatched from him

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Marcus Rashford shows to the world once again that he has a golden heart

Manchester United over the weekend lost to Arsenal at the Emirates stadium in north London.

Ronaldo’s goal only served as a consolation goal as Arsenal thrashed Manchester United by 3 goals to 1.

The win boasted Arsenal’s hopes for champions league football next week.

At the end of the game, Marcus Rashford gave out his jersey to a young fan as a kind gesture only to find out later that someone had snatch the jersey from the boy

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This is what Marcus Rashford had to say concerning the issue “Someone’s only gone and snatched my shirt out of little man’s hands after I gave it to him. Can anyone help me find him so I can send him another one?”

Hopefully, he gets to meet the young fan again and make the boy’s dream of having his jersey come through

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