Man Trends After Sharing Photos Of His 3 Wives & 19 Children On Social Media

A man has succeeded to trend on social media after he shared some photos of his large family on social media to celebrate Eid.

This polygamous man is hitched to three spouses and it was uncovered that he has around nineteen kids, and in the photographs, he arranged this multitude of youngsters and wives.

His photos have drawn in certain responses with many individuals praising him for not being one-sided. Look at a portion of the photos beneath;

Some reactions the post got are;

Some reactions the photos have gotten are;

Obianuju Solomon Nwokeji – Your tailor was busy all thru the Salah period… 🤔🤔👍
Weldone sir 😎

Cynthia Ibekwe – Oga you need to start YouTube channel oh. You go make am. You go just name am “life with three wives and 19 children”
Seriously bro you go make am

Godwin Onyekachi Benjamin – One Man,
Three Wives,
Nineteen Children,
Congratulations Sir

Basiru Shuaibu Tarauni – Ma sha Allahu Tabarakallah.
Allah ya kara albarka ya ji kan magabatanmu.

Saalih Fawzaan Al Fawzaan – Baaraka llahu feekum sir
May Allah bless me with Halaal provision, pious wives and offsprings.

Abubakr Al-Ikhlaas II – Senior man, your face show, your shoe self shine.🙌
There are flowers in your family if only some comrades know.
Eid Mubarak from all the comrades in the vawulence online university.😁


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