[VIDEO] Man Proposes To Fiancee At Her Father’s Funeral

We have chanced upon a video of the moment a man decided to do the right thing at an awkward time.

This ‘bold’ man decided to console his grieving fiancee during her father’s funeral by proposing to her and asking her to allow her to take her home as his wife.

The video that has gone viral saw the man being very happy and going on his knees in front of her father’s coffin to propose to his lovely fiancee.

Many people have reacted to the jaw-dropping video and per what we gathered, this incident happened in one of the South African Sotho communities, and in the video, the man was heard thanking God for giving him a woman with a heart of gold.

The lady who also felt overwhelmed with love excitedly accepted the man’s shocking request with the guests’ looking on in shock. Watch the video below;

Some reactions the post got are;

engineer_shantel – I find it disrespectful

gosh_vines_ – Ko tikambo pedza kuchema tozo nyengana hedu … but why africa😢😂

takuemupa – Kunge anga akamirira kuti vafe😂😂ngambozvitraya kwedu kwaZvimba unoswera waripiswa kwaMambo.Chirungu Chacho vakuchibatira padenga.

dilackot – His too dramatic 🙄 attention seeker

kahn_24.07 – This is so wrong

fantan_chillspot – Pasi parohwa ne nyundo😂

angelcasey2000 – This is wrong

bren_kudzie – Dzikwane blaz idzi ndirini ndodzikicker dzikawira mugomba mxm

thatafrican_kid – Dzikutora advantage dzimuface idzi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

_kiiiiix86 – There’s time for everything ❗

muchynah – I think the guy smehow blivs mweya wamdara uyooo ukuona 😢

t.y.r.i.e_6 – Ndimi makaurayaaaaaaaaa🪘🪘🪘

chipo_.chashe_ – Zvimwe zvinhu kwakitondipa miedzo parufu😂😂

bren_kudzie – Imagine we mourning rimwe zikumunhu rikugaya mjolo

king_viper_all_in_my_veins – 😂😂nyangwe chivanhu hachidai


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