Man drops paper at queen’s funeral: Twitter React

Man drops paper at queen's funeral: Twitter React 

A man dropped a piece of paper on the ground near a coffin during the queen’s funeral for a viral moment

Man drops paper at queen’s funeral: While the burial for Queen Elizabeth was broadcast live to billions of viewers on Monday, attention was focused on the royal family and England as they mourned their longest-reigning queen.

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A small piece of paper that hovered close to the queen’s casket after slipping from a bishop’s grasp was also illuminated by the spotlight.

Enter #papergate.

The incident occurred shortly after the start of the service when the religious leader appeared to juggle many pieces of paper in his hand until one fell out. There were 2,000 mourners present at Westiminster Abbey at the time.

The “dropped-paper” trend already has a Twitter account, which has led to a flood of responses from people on social media who are trying to figure out what the piece of paper is and who dropped it. This has resulted in slow-motion videos of the “drop,” fake Netflix series, and other responses that have gone viral.

One Twitter user wrote: “That piece of A5 paper is going to haunt whoever dropped it for the rest of their lives.”

Another person wrote: “Watching a bishop drop a piece of paper into the floor, right in frame of the camera, is the most entertaining aspect of the queen’s burial so far.”