Making GH₵ 230K Per Month On YouTube Is Easy For Me – Wode Maya Reveals

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One of Ghana’s top Youtubers, Wode Maya has declared that making up to 230k Ghana Cedis is something easy for him on Youtube.

 Wode Maya

Wode Maya is one of the vloggers in Africa who is making a lot of money from his videos on Youtube, he has been touring African countries for some years now and he is also well known by so many Africans.

Let’s dive into who he really is. His real name is Kobina Ackon but he is widely by the brand name Wode Maya. He is a Ghanaian freelance Vlogger / YouTuber with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Shenyang Aerospace University, China. He has over the years been able to create a niche for himself on social media and some streaming platforms in a space of a few years; his Youtube channel has grown very well attracting over 1 million subscribers as at now.

Wode Maya has been collaborating with other top YouTubers from Africa and has also helped small content creators & Entrepreneurs gain massive exposure.

He was recently interviewed by one of the biggest bloggers in Ghana, Zion Felix, during the interview, Wode Maya made it known that he makes close to GHC 230,000 a month from his monetized Youtube channel.

He then went on to share his source journey, Wode Maya stated that was in China for school and completing he was thinking of what to do, he then made a lot of research and finally discovered that Youtube business is the best for him and he will just need to put valuable contents on his channel.

Wode Maya has traveled to most African countries and he films his videos as he talks about their economy and their people not forgetting their tourist sites, he made it clear that he lost some money because of COVID-19 restrictions in 2020 because he could not travel.

Talking of making money on Youtube, Woye Maya also disclosed that the first money he earned from Youtube was 900 Ghana cedis.

Wode Maya noted that although he makes so much money, people treat him like a commoner because of his simple dress style and he does not show off his wealth online because most Africans hate to see their fellow prosper.

Watch the interview below;

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