Lovey-Dovey Video Of Date Rush Sammy


Lovey Dovey Video Of Date Rush Sammy And His Newly Found Girlfriend Pops Up On Social Media

After failing to make an impression on the ladies on the Date Rush show, Sammy of Date Rush has found a new girlfriend.

Sammy and his new girlfriend are seen making love in a new video that has surfaced on social media.

Sammy feigned not to be interested in his new girl, Nana Ama, who was spotted cuddling and grabbing him all over the place.

They eventually ended up on a bed, each doing their own thing.

Sammy, a former student of KNUST, rose to prominence when his heart was shattered by another KNUST student, Nana Ama.

A sensational video of Sammy tearing and begging the young lady went viral and Sammy became the talk of the town.

Now, he’s finally gotten the love he sought after his ex-girlfriend left him.


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