Let’s All Spend USD And Be Free Once And For All – Stonebwoy Proposes

Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy, has criticized the system of trading with the US dollar currency, admitting that it’s a critical factor that’s placing more hardship on Ghanaians, amidst the current financial upheaval in the country.


Talking during an interview with Kafui Dey on GBC Breakfast Show, he complained over how he pays his home lease, as well as various bills, using the US dollar.

Stating his dissastifaction regarding the issue, the displeased musician said, “Look at how our currency is performing. Bloomberg is publishing that we have the worst-performing currency and you can’t talk about it. If you do, then it means you are bashing the government”.

“Everything costs dollars, especially where we all live. I mean where I live, we pay everything in US dollars. Your house rent, mortgage, you buy stuff. I am wondering, okay, if everything is in USD, then let us spend USD (dollar)…let’s spend USD and we are all free,” he reasoned.


“Let’s spend USD so that we won’t feel it anymore. So that people can understand because sometimes I ask for the price of something and they go like 800 dollars…I believe we have intellectuals, people who can run the economy. I am not giving up,” he positively expressed.

By aiming to unveil some hidden revelations, the dancehall artiste openly said, “…there are some groups, cabals that are gaining from so many of these problems we face and therefore may not be really able to do what they have to do to ease things up. The effect comes on the majority of us and the country as a whole.”

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