Last Words of Naa, GMB 2020 Will Sh0ck You As She Hands The Crown Over To Sarfoa, The New Queen.


Naa Dedei Botchwey is a young passionate and professional communicator who holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Accra.

Naa Botchwey affectionately called Naa has over five years of experience in Corporate Communication, Public Relations, and Advertising.

The reigning queen of Ghana’s Most Beautiful since the year 2020, Naa Dedei Botchwey gave her last address before the new GMB 2021 was finally crowned after long hours of wait.

In her statement, she said, all praise and thanks to Yahweh who makes all things beautiful in its time. I came to Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2020 with the dream to champion inclusive education with the platform gained and thanks to God I have been able to accomplish my dreams and also do most of the things that I set out to do.

Let’s see some of her achievements after she won the contest. Together with her team, she has been able to donate 8,000 educational materials as well as PPE’s. She has also mentored 2,000 junior and senior high school students and young people from two orphanages in Accra.

She also partnered with Laweh Open University to offer scholarships to two brilliant women who needed financial help climbing the educational ladder after completing the Senior High School level. They are both studying human resource management.

She also partnered with Regional Maritime University and the office of the Ga Mantse to offer scholarships to twenty(20) women to study a certificate program in Marine engine mechanics and seven of these women are now having their internships at Ghana Ports and Harbour.

She also made it known to Sarfoa that it wasn’t all fun but challenging since she would have a lot to achieve. She encouraged Sarfoa to work tirelessly so that she will be proud at the end of her reign as GMB 2021.

Naa called in for more investors as she said she had a lot more to do for the people of Ghana and that the doors of her foundation, NDB foundation is still open to all.

Finally, Naa got to the stage and got all emotional about handing over the crown and said she wished she could wear the crown forever because it actually presented a beautiful opportunity to her in life.

Even though she finally handed over the crown, she still sees a bright future for herself in accomplishing all her dreams.

All the best Naa Dedei Botchwey… Go

higher.Congratulations to Benedicta Asamoah Sarfoa, Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen on her triumphant journey!

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