Lady Who Has Been Sleeping With Her Step-father & Step-brother Confesses

A lady took to social media to reveal that she had been sleeping with both her stepfather and stepbrother.

As she made this revelation, she confided in popular social media coach Auntie Momoza. The most shocking aspect of the entire revelation is that she is now HIV positive and has no idea how she got it.

The post reads;

“Hi Auntie Momoza and cousins. Please keep me anonymous. I’m a girl aged 20, I stay with mom, stepfather and stepbrother. My mom works far from home and only comes home on weekends.

My stepfather is a teacher and stepbrother is just lazying around at home. I’ve been sleeping with my stepbrother secretly since 2020. Late last year my stepfather used money to lure me into bed with him. So I sleep with him whenever he wants and he gives me money.

My boyfriend stays 5 streets from my house and I see him whenever he’s not at school. My problem is I just discovered I’m HIV positive. I have no idea who I got it from.

I’m not sure if my mom and stepfather use protection but I’m scared for her. I’m stressed about my own health and also about my mom because she’s a good woman. I want to tell all these people about my positive results but doing so will expose that I’ve been sleeping with all of them and it might cause bigger problems. Please help a girl out.”


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