Lady Producing Palm Oil In Large Quantity Seen Twërkïng Inside Her Production Pit [Video]

A video of a lady has caused a stir on social media. The video captured the lady producing palm oil for mass consumption but doing n awkward thing.

This lady was seen shaking her big nyash and twerking while inside her production pit with the lower part of her body submerged in the production pit with another lady.

The video has garnered some mind-blowing reactions as many people are of the view that it is not a healthy thing that she did. Watch the video below;

Some reactions the post got are;

hershabiedollscollections – No wonder i dey add weight anyhow 😢

1st_ebunoluwa – Are you sure palm oil is even edible?

fashion_magicblog – Because we can see this video, what about the rest things we buy from the market that we don’t see …Lol

kinqbrizy – Some people just dey here dey yarn rubbish like say na today them start to produce oil like this… Wo! This is how it’s done so make all of una rest 😒, how’s it unhealthy when e go still go through fire 🔥, abii una no dey use fire when una dey cook with oil? 🤔

fab_housestore – That’s how it’s made,na God dey protect person

mckpolokpolo – This the reason I don’t eat oil 😢

kaptain_smith – God know say I don cook toto water join vegetable cos I too like palm oil😫😫

queenofdsun – Imagine say she no wear pants 😢

ijeoma_mbaise1 – No wonder some oil Dey smell and kill the taste of soup

ogee_chu_kwu – This is not how my villa produces theirs

nanceeyb – I guess this is the way it’s done😮


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