VIDEO: Lady Gives Fiancee Hot Slaps In Public For Breaking Up With Her Few Days To Valentine’s Day

In a video that has gone viral, an angry Nigerian lady was seen physically assaulting her fiancee.

She was captured in the video giving her fiancee some hot and dirty slaps for breaking up with her without doing anything.

Before she slapped the guy, she exchanged words with the guy, and in the heat of the confrontation, the guy said he was done and cannot continue the relationship again and when he tried to move away from the slap he received the slaps.

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Additionally, this lady subjected the guy to another form of humiliation as she took a yogurt he was drinking and poured it on him.

The lady was heard saying in the video that after all the spending and everything she has done for the guy, the guy cannot dump her and go scot-free.

Check out the video below;


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