Another Lady Who Slept With A Dog In Dubai Shares Her Disgusting Story, Says They Made Her Drink Her Vomit & Others

Another lady has taken to social media to reveal the ordeal she went through just to make some cash in Dubai.

The story that the lady shared reads;

“I agreed to date a Millionaire in Dubai…Hello I’m a 24 year old female and honestly God and nature gave me a beauty and a dream body. I was once a maid of honor to a young “Dolphin” that was being politically projected in my country whose name I will not reveal otherwise it would be recognized very quickly.

Sensibly 2 weeks ago I went to Dubai for the first time with a friend who usually go there, she told me there you could get golden balls (have a lot of money) she offered me the ticket and accommodation and said we are only going for 5 days to Enjoyed the charms of the Dubai.Arriving at the site I was completely in awe and fascinated with this country and this world. Everything shines and whispers pride (I told myself ah really I was born on the wrong side) Dubai made me dream…On the third day I was approached by a strange man.

Slay queen

A man when you look at him you know he’s full of money, he told me he liked me and wanted to spend a night with me in a quiet place, he proceeded and told me in exchange for a day shopping at the stores of my choice and a large amount money donation ($50,000 ) I was left speechless at how surprised I was at his proposal I spoke to my friend and she tells me that here in Dubai is like this.

But there’s nothing to fear, that I should think of all the bags, branded accessories etc. that I could have in one day not counting the enormous amount of money I would have in exchange for just one night.I thought within me, “no one needs to know that I’ve traded my body for jewelry and clothes, we’re far from home, what happens in Dubai dies in Dubai” then I made the mistake of accepting that exchange.

The appointment was then scheduled for the next day.On D-Day a man came to pick me up at 10:00h from my hotel in a poser Lambirguini Diablo and took me to see Mr who approached me then he asked me to sign a non-confidence agreement because in Dubai due to their religion all secrecy was little and why One night sex I would be entitled to everything I wanted.

So he quickly handed me a bag of bills to the guy who came to pick me up who more looked like bodyguard due to physical advantage and ordered him to take me shopping, then he handed me a big envelope, I had a dream day and Amongst Dubai’s major stores among restaurants, massage parlors, giant shoopings and Malls etc, For the first time I was able to buy an original Channel bag and Hermès sandals, I bought perfumes, clothes from Yves Saint Laurent, Prada snacks, Louis Vuitton wallets, Balenciaga and many more brands of the elite.

After my shopping, his bodyguard put me to my hotel and told me to prepare for 10pm he will come back to pick me up to meet my boss’ needs.I couldn’t believe it seemed like a dream, I was so happy with my shopping, I really didn’t care what came next.

Around 22:00h on time, the bodyguard came to pick me up and took me to the house of the billionaire man, we were stationed in his mansion by the sea, we went to the pier, we entered a super sophisticated boat and we went to the sea.

Omg my ordeal was about to begin… He wasn’t alone, there were 4 other men with him, I didn’t have the right to talk, I just had to hold on until it was all over.I thought I would only have to deal with one man, everything was changing already. No, I don’t even have words, it was far more than I could handle that night, I was their sexual object, actually the object of their sexual sadism!

They penetrated me in all the holes, they put me on a leash, and I was forced to have sex with a dog…and big, I couldn’t speak, they tied me up, with a gag that had a pink ball, they shoved things into my anus and vagina, so suffocating c held her up, while they scrubbed in my face in my own feets, choked me with their dick till i threw up multiple times, made me drink my vomit, one peed on my face and pooped in my mouth, i was forced to swallow all that fecal cake, and a bunch of other co unexplainable isas.

After doing all this I was thrown in the water and the boss told his bodyguard to get me out of the water, he then gave me a big towel to cover myself.I was shaking crying uncontrollably, I could feel my anus bleeding and my swollen vagina full of bruises and sore, I smelled filth a mixture of feces, urine and acid sperm.

Checked into my hotel around 4:00 AM. In a state of shame !My friend came to see me around 9:00 o’clock, saw me in this condition and told me: “my dear you’ll get used to it”! I remember seeing her on a boat last night like meI asked her why she didn’t tell me what was going to happen, she told me that not everyone has foreign practices sometimes it’s just sex really, and that she didn’t want to scare me by taking the risk of turning down the proposal.I was shocked how she could put me through this.

Today I feel dirty, I lost my humanity, my dignity I want to die. Everything I got, those expensive gifts and million dollar purchases in exchange tonight disgusts me, months go by and I still smell feces, urine and sperm in my mouth as if they’re being deposited in me now.I needed to talk about this because no one knows what she been through until today except my friend she destroyed me. I know she will read it, I just want her to know that she ruined my life!

I don’t even know if I’ll ever have kids one day I’m so broken I think about suicide all the time I think I’m going crazy I hear voices whispering where there’s silence I close my eyes and remember that moment and they just laughing and having fun I feel c Hero of those feets everywhere, i sometimes catch myself screaming and crying with no apparent explanation.

Thank you for not judging me, I made mistakes and trusted the wrong person, my greed and ambition today makes me pay dearly!

Thanks for reading me….



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