‘My Mother Is Asking Me To Use Money Meant For My Marriage To Help My Brother In Russia’ – Lady Shares Ordeal

A lady has taken to social media to share her ordeal adding that her mother is really being a torn in her flesh. The lady made this known in a recent post on the popular social media platform, Facebook and her post is an interesting one.

According to this lady, her mother wants her to use the money meant for her marriage to help her brother who is currently in Russia.

The post that the lady made reads;

“My mother has been a torn in my flesh and she is making life unbearable for me.
Last year, my mother put pressure on me that my elder brother want to travel to Russia so I should finance it. I wasn’t having money then and my mother nor my brother seems not to understand me. They treated like I don’t want to help him even though it wasn’t like that.

I told them to exercise patience till this year when things become ok, then I will sponsor, but the pressure from my mom was too much to the extent that I have to apply for a loan for my brother to travel to Russia. I also gave him money for upkeep so that he won’t be stranded.
My brother Left Ghana last year October and my mom was happy.

Now the problem is, my brother is pressuring my mom to send him another money to leave Russian amid the crisis on going between Ukraine and Russia to a different country and my mom is also pushing the pressure on me.
I tried to explain to my mom that, I haven’t even paid half of the loan so I don’t have money and I don’t where I will get money too.

My mom has decided not to talk to me telling people that if anything happens to my brother, she will blame me.
I don’t know why my mom is treating me this way, honestly, I don’t have money too.

Last year December, my fiance came to see my mom for my list and we are preparing for marriage too. Now my mother is telling me to tell my fiance to stop or hold the marriage now and give the money out for us to send it to my brother, but I have explain to my mom that I can’t and that’s going to affect me but she doesn’t care saying that if he fails to help, then he will not accept him too.
House please what should I do.”


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