[VIDEO] Lady Harshly Deals With Boyfriend For Proposing To Her In The Market

A lady did not take it lightly when her boyfriend tried to be romantic and proposed to her in the market.

Per what we gathered, the incident occurred in Lagos and this guy accompanied his girlfriend to a market to buy foodstuffs. Upon getting to the middle of the market, he bent his knees in front of his girlfriend and pulled out a ring to propose like how it is done in telenovelas.

With several people around, this guy asked the girlfriend if she will marry him, however, the lady saw it as an embarrassment as she harshly reacted to the proposal prompting several reactions from social media users.

Some reactions the post got are;

@TobyKnowzz – Idk why people do this. When you can just toss the ring at her in the living room and be like.. “ode, take! Abi you don’t want?”

@MBlacktrib3 – How do men propose to women when the response is unknown? I used to believe public proposals were just for show and nothing else.

@novieverest – Yes, she’s right. Men should learn to propose in private or at least, discuss it first in private. She might just be collecting the monthly salary you offer or whatever benefit without any plans to settle with you. If men don’t learn, they should be embarrassed. Simple.

Source: www.ghnewslive.com