‘A Top Ghanaian Celebrity Flew My Friend To Dubai To Sleep With Dog For $20,000’ – Afia Schwarzenegger

The lady who played Afia Schwarzenegger in Delay’s TV series, Afia Schwarzenegger, Helen Asante Korkor has recounted how a celebrity flew her friend to Dubai to sleep with a dog.

This revelation comes at a time when stories of ladies traveling to Dubai to sleep with dogs have been trending on the Ghanaian social media space.

According to her, one of the Ghanaian female celebrities told her friend that she posted her on Snapchat and a rich man in Dubai said he was interested in her.

All that was needed was to fly this friend to Dubai to meet this rich man so this celebrity then started giving money to the lady adding that this celebrity told her friend that the Dubai-based rich man says it should be given to her.

This went on for some time and it got a time when the lady decided to date this rich man so the Dubai-based man paid her to fly to Dubai, they met and he booked a luxury hotel for her to stay in and gave her $10,000 for upkeep.

The man left and returned in 3 days to give her an extra $10,000 to enjoy life. After receiving the money, the lady even hailed the man saying he’s too generous to be giving her this money without even attempting to sleep with her.

Three days after giving her the money, this man returned again and asked her “are we good to go”.

And the surprised asked the rich man; “to go where” and it was then that things started to unfold for her to know the actual reason why she was flown to Dubai.

Watch the video below;

Source: www.ghnewslive.com