Kweku Flick Responds To Claims That His New Song Is Based On Black Sherif’s Style [Video]

Kweku Flick
Kweku Flick and Black Sherif

Andy Osei Sarfo, better known in Ghana as Kweku Flick, has responded to charges made by some social media users that his latest song “Ewiase” is an attempt to replicate the style of Black Sherif.

Kweku Flick teased his fans with some of the song’s melodies and lyrics in a brief video he put on his social media page before the song’s release. 

On the internet, the aggression and style with which he delivered the freestyle elicited conflicting comments.

The singer is rumored to wish to replicate Black Sherif’s style of music, possibly after understanding that the latter’s style of music is currently the latest thing in the music industry and is selling well.

Kweku Flick indicated in a conversation with a blogger named Boateng Ameyaw that he had no objections about the similarity made between him and Blacko.

He revealed that he had the idea to record his “Ewiase” song in 2021 when he was in the UK and immediately he touched down in Ghana, he recorded the song even before Black Sherif came in with his aggressive style.

However, he has no problem with people’s perception of his new style as long as his song is going viral.

Watch the video below:


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