Kwadwo Sheldon Reveals Why Archipalago Can Never Be The Voice Of The Youth [Video]

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Ghanaian content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has moved to Archipalago claiming with his attitude he can never be the voice of the youth in Ghana.

Kwadwo Sheldon

Kwadwo Sheldon is a multiple Award-winning Ghanaian YouTuber, content creator, and entertainment enthusiast. He has reacted to a claim made by Archipalago Mufasa that he is the voice of the youth, Archipalago is one of the most popular people in our entertainment industry, he was recently arrested for assaulting someone but we are still following that news and will update you soon.

He made the claim during his interview with Sammy Kay Media and also threatened to subject the content creator to severe beatings anywhere he meets him within the capital (ACCRA).

Archipalago made it clear that Kwadwo Sheldon has been saying ill things about him on his social media platforms and he think the doing of Kwadwo Sheldon is ruining his reputation, he also made it known that nowadays he will not respond to his tantrums verbally but he will beat him up wherever he meets him in the country.

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Kwadwo Sheldon on the other hand made it clear in an interview on Kingdom Plus 101.9 FM that Archipalago’s boastful claims of being the leader and the voice of the youth hold no substance on the account that he is old to fit such a position.

The YAWA OF THE DAY creator went on to state that he had plans of organizing a bout between him and Archipalago and also looking for companies to sponsor the event so they can settle their scores physically in a ring but Archipalago’s arrest has spoilt his plans.

As we all know, recently Kwadwo Sheldon declared that he has never been and will never be afraid of Archipalago’s empty threats because he also hopes to fight him personally. He added that the controversial social media icon turned musician is not fit to be interviewed on his platform.

Watch the video below:

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