KiDi And Cina Soul Spotted Cuddling And Enjoying Each Other At A Party – (VIDEO)

by Ghnewslive
kidi and cina soul

Kidi is currently under contract with Lynk Entertainment, he has not disappointed Ghanaians since he entered into the music space.

Kidi over the years has been tagged with dating some of the best female vocalists in Ghana, Cina Soul.

The two have given Ghanaian pictures upon pictures on their social media. This has made many Ghanaians believe that these two musicians are dating or they are lovers.

All these allegations started seriously after Kidi released a movie for his album some years back, in the movie, the two were seen kissing and so many people think they went far with it.

There has been soo much time that presenters or hosts have been questioning KiDi about the rumors of him dating or going out with the Ghanaian Songstress. Sometimes he laughs about the question, sometimes he just plays around it to leave Ghanaians on the fence.

Cina Soul on the other hand has been on so many interviews where the question of her and KiDi turns to be the main topic of discussion. She made it known that KiDi is her best friend and they have been besties for a very long time. 😳😳😳😳

Besties? We to me KiDi and Cina Soul are having different definitions of best friends. Many Ghanaians think Kidi and Cina have been lying to them about their relationship status as they keep denying dating allegations.

Well, Kidi and Cina keep giving Ghanaians soo many reasons to believe they are dating for real. Now in a trending video, we spotted online, Cina Soul attended the birthday party of Kidi the ‘Touch It’ hitmaker at an unknown location as he turned 28.

The video shows these two Ghanaian musicians in an unusual position hugging and cuddling each other as they exchange pleasantries in an intimate manner that has to get their fans talking more and more and more 🤣🤣

Just watch the video below;

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