American Rapper, Kendrick Lamar See Drinking ‘Pure Water’

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Renowned American superstar, Kendrick Lamar has gotten social media users talking with his latest photo.

The rapper who is in Ghana to promote his new album has been captured drinking sachet water which is locally known as ‘pure water’ and social media users can stop talking about it.

Check out the photo below;

Some reactions the photo has gotten are;

@benbenaqua – When a Ghanaian starts getting money, they say they only drink bottled water because it’s healthier, look at Kendrick Lamar drinking sachet water

@BabyOrleans_ – Same Ghanaian will talk trash about our musicians if they drink from sachet water ..he’s an outsider so it’s cool

@niibrooklyn1 – Its okay to be expensive bro. Bottled water is just gh1.50p. You can drink pure water all your life

@NYSterling_ – He doesn’t know what he’s drinking 🤔

@twotimesaguy – This the reason why he came here. He just want to have a feel of Africa prolly was shooting a documentary. Do you espect him to drink bottled water?

@MeritCoolestkid – Our Ghana people travel small come Back Ghana Dey noe dey even Dey drink sachet water 😂😂😂


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