Kelly Bhadie: All About the TikTok Star | Best Videos


At every point in time, the social media world is hit with a new user who becomes widely popular and gains traction everywhere.

TikTok is one of the platforms that has propelled some of its users with respect to this, with the likes of Erkuah, Jackeline Mensah, Hajia Bintu, and many others, as a case studies.

Kelly Bhadie is TikTok’s latest sensation and she is turning heads already with her cute waist, standout buttocks, and waist dance in skimpy dresses.

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She hails from Togo in West Africa and she has racked up close to 700k followers with 3.1 million likes on the popular video hosting platform.

Kelly Bhadie is a beautiful girl in her early 20s and she is not married or attached at the moment.

Her account has had substantial growth in the last few days since her dance videos started going viral. In most of these videos, she neither speak nor sing along.

She records her videos in her room full of branded footwear in the background.

Currently, her dance moves are being mimicked by other TikTokers across the globe.

Check the best collection of Kelly Bhadie‘s TikTok videos out!