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Julee Cruise was a musical collaborator with David Lynch. She sang the theme song for his movie “Falling.” Her husband announced her passing on social media, and she had recently been suffering from systemic lupus. She passed away peacefully on her own terms. Her husband, Edward Grinnan, said that she left this world on her own terms. His comments about his wife’s death were followed by tributes from fans.

Floating into the Night

The album opens with ‘Floating,’ a song that benefits from the talents of each contributor. Cruise’s somnambulant croon is a seductive siren call, and Lynch’s lyrics play with the cliché of love as a burning flame. At the same time, Badalamenti’s lush synth orchestrations evoke the sounds of the Overlook ballroom and its waning revelry. The overall effect evokes a time when a number of people can recall the sights and sounds of such a night.

The album was also a collaboration between Cruise and the composer Angelo Badalamenti. Although Lynch had struggled to find an ethereal singer for the soundtrack of the television show Twin Peaks, Cruise’s vocal version became a hit and reached No. 7 in the UK charts. The album also featured other songs from the Twin Peaks series. The singer also had a small role on the Twin Peaks 2001 spin-off film.

Floating into the Night was the vocalist’s debut album, produced by composer ANGELO BADALAMENTI and directed by David Lynch. The songs on the album include ‘Falling’ (which became the Twin Peaks theme) and ‘Mysteries of Love’ (which featured prominently in Blue Velt). Both Cruise and BADALAMENTI’s music perfectly match each other. The two artists also complement each other and create a mellow atmosphere that can be accessed even if the music is not in your favorite genre.

Carol Cruise, a native of Iowa, had a unique vocal presence that seemed both calming and unsettling. Her voice was so powerful that she was approached by David Lynch to collaborate on the Blue Velvet soundtrack, attempting to mimic the sound of “Song to the Siren” by the band This Mortal Coil. The result is a dreamlike vocal track with romantic synths. There’s something in the combination of image and sound that makes it a classic.

The song ‘Flying’ is a classic in the genre and is a highlight of the album. Despite its eerie atmosphere, Lynch’s lyrics make it an excellent listen. The music is superb, and Angelo Badalamenti’s arrangements mix retro styles with modern ambience. The sound of the album is both a pleasant surprise and a welcome addition to any collection of music.

The film is a musical masterpiece, and Cruise’s talent became a staple in Lynch’s early works. She sang the song ‘Mysteries of Love’ in Blue Velvet, and starred in Lynch’s musical play, Industrial Symphony Vol. 1. Cruise also made appearances in Twin Peaks as a bar singer, including the pilot episode and the season finale ‘Lonely Souls’.

Twin Peaks

The late singer Julee Cruise was a collaborator with director David Lynch and wrote a song for the hit series, “Falling.” Originally recorded as the opening theme for the 1986 film Blue Velvet, Cruise’s song “Falling” featured orchestration and lyrics by Lynch. The song was used as the theme music for the original Twin Peaks series and the reboot. The ethereal tune spawned several songs for the series, which included a version with lyrics by Lynch and a symphonic arrangement by Angelo Badalamenti.

Before appearing in “Twin Peaks,” Cruise starred in the musical Blue Velvet alongside Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern. The actress then acted as a fill-in singer for the B-52’s and later made an appearance in the critically acclaimed 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Later, she played the dreamself of heartbroken woman in “The Return,” as well as in the spin-off film “Twin Peaks: The Fire Walk With Me.” The ethereal voice of Amy Cruise made her an instant favorite of David Lynch.

Despite the fact that Lynch and Cruise were collaborators on Twin Peaks, the singer was an excellent collaborator. She also worked on Blue Velvet, as well as in other projects. She also toured as Cindy Wilson’s stand-in from 1992 to 1999. This is a sad loss for the Twin Peaks community. While it is impossible to predict what the future will bring, we can at least take comfort in knowing that Julee Cruise has passed from this world in her own way.

“Falling” by Julee Cruise, a song from Lynch’s 1990 drama, made it to the top ten of the UK singles chart. The song was also featured on the soundtrack of Lynch’s 1986 film Blue Velvet. The late singer was described as one of the greatest singers of her generation by John Grant. The song also embodied the theme of the show.

Another collaboration with Lynch was on the album “Falling,” which was a collaboration between the singer and Badalamenti. “Falling” became the theme song for the TV series Twin Peaks. Lynch and Badalamenti also collaborated on the album “Falling,” and Amy Cruise appeared in several episodes. The song was an instant hit, and Cruise had been in many episodes of the series.

After the release of “Falling”, Amy Cruise released her own solo album, The Art of Being a Girl, in 2002. She collaborated with artists like Moby, Hybrid, and Martin Gore. She was also a stand-in for Cindy Wilson in the B-52s. She also appeared in David Lynch’s “The Return” as a guest star. Her singing voice was praised as “perfect” and suited for the series.


The late singer and actress Julee Cruise has been remembered for her collaborations with Twin Peaks creator David Lynch. The pair recorded the theme song to the show Twin Peaks together, and she later went on to collaborate with the director on two albums. She also worked on various projects, including the soundtrack of Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. While she was best known for her collaborations with Lynch, Julee also had a long and troubled personal life. She struggled with depression, lupus, and alcohol and drug addiction.

Floating Into the Night is a pop song sung by Julee Cruise, with lyrics written by David Lynch and produced by Angelo Badalamenti. Cruise’s previous work included Broadway-style belting, so Lynch wanted her to show off her soft side for the Blue Velvet soundtrack. Unlike the band This Mortal Coil’s Song To The Siren, Cruise’s soft, fragile voice is a perfect fit for the track.

Although the album’s debut is overshadowed by Lynch and Badalamenti, Floating Into the Night proves to be her shining moment. Cruise’s melancholy voice and evocative vocals endow her lead role with a beguiling quality. The album’s title track is particularly memorable, with Lynch’s lyrics playing with the well-worn cliche of love as a flaming flame.

Floating Into The Night is vocalist JULEE CRUISE’s debut album, produced by composer ANGELO BADALAMENTI and directed by the legendary film director DAVID LYNCH. Songs such as “Falling” and “Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart” were featured in the hit television series Twin Peaks. Lynch’s films “Blue Velvet” and Twin Peaks have inspired Cruise’s career.

Cruise’s vocals have a dream-like quality that made her a favorite among David Lynch’s creative team. Her song “Falling” won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental. Although her collaboration with Lynch has been sporadic, her music has been featured on several albums. And she rehearsed with Lynch and Badalamenti on several occasions. In fact, the two collaborated on two albums.

Amy Cruise released four albums during her career. Her first album was called Floating into the Night and was followed by “My Secret Life” in 2011. The first one, however, is her most famous and widely recognized, having featured on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks TV series. Her second album, Falling, featured a song written by Lynch. The lyrics of the album were inspired by the lyrics of the Twin Peaks series.


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