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Jojo Wollacott nominated for Swindon Town player of the season 2021-2022

Jojo Wollacott has been nominated for Swindon Town FC Player of the Season Award.

Jojo Wollacott hasconceded 45 goals in 37 games and kept 10 clean sheets.

The Ghanaian shot-stopper became the talk of the town when he helped The Black Stars Of Ghana to qualify ahead of Nigeria for this year’s world cup in Qatar.
Jojo Wollacott’s awesome display against Nigeria has made him a household name in Ghana now and Ghanaians will be looking forward to seeing him win this award.

Swindon Town is currently 11th on the English league two league table with 4 more matches to go.

We wish the 25-year-old all the best and hopefully he wins this for himself and Ghana at large

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