Jake Lacy’s Wife: Who Is Lauren Deleo? Siblings And Net Worth Explored!

Who Is Lauren Deleo

Who Is Lauren Deleo

The most well-known accomplishment of American celebrity wife Lauren Deleo is that she is married to an actor who has received the Pena de Prata award. Jacob Lacy In addition, she is the inspiration behind her husband’s professional achievement.

No matter how challenging things were, Lauren never ceased going above and above to support them. In an interview with People that was released in 2016, Jack Lacy spoke about the change in his relationship status.

The actor married Lauren Deleo in a discreet wedding on August 22, 2015, in Dorset, Vermont. He couldn’t contain his excitement as he spoke about the possibility of finally finding someone who “always has your back.”

Marriage appeared to the star of “The Office” to be a more prudent and secure life choice than a straightforward romantic relationship. In addition to this, he disclosed to the publication that he had dated Lauren for a considerable amount of time prior to the two of them getting married.

Jack Lacy disclosed to the publication Vulture that he and his wife Lauren had been blessed with two sons over the course of their marriage. Because of their decision to keep their children and families completely hidden from the public eye, very little information is available about them.

Lauren Deleo’s Siblings: Family Background

It is likely that Lauren Deleo is surrounded by loving family members. On her Instagram account, she published a photo with the caption “fambam,” which may refer to a picture of her with her parents.

Jake Lacy, her spouse, spent his formative years in Vermont, New England, with his parents, who were responsible for his upbringing. He was born in the United States and is of Caucasian ancestry, yet he has American citizenship.

After graduating from Otter Valley Union High School, the actor continued his education at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) in Winston-Salem, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2008. Prior to attending UNCSA, the actor was a student at Otter Valley Union High School.

The late Richard Pearce Griffin was Jake’s grandfather on his mother’s side (the son of Harold Graham Griffin and Edith Linwood Pearl). The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is where Richard was born. Harold was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, to parents hailing from that province: Frank Osborne Griffin and Annie M. Graham.

Mabel Pat Hitchcock was Jake’s grandma on his mother’s side (the daughter of Harvey Rexford Hitchcock and Eliza Hennessey). Mabel came from a well-known family and was born in the Hawaiian island of Maui. Harvey Rexford Hitchock, Jr., played collegiate football and was Mabel’s half-brother.

Childhood & Early Life

  • Jake was born on February 14, 1986, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, and grew up in Vermont. He attended ‘Otter Valley Union High School’ and then graduated from the ‘University of North Carolina School of the Arts’ (UNCSA) in Winston-Salem in 2008.
  • In high school, he was part of many professional stage productions, such as ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ in which he was cast as ‘Demetrius’ (‘Hartford Stage’ creation). Jake had also played ‘Conrad’ in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (in an ‘Oberon Theater Ensemble’ production).
  • Jake later attended theater and acting lessons at the ‘Addison Repertory Theater’ pre-professional program of the ‘Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center.’ He took up several odd jobs, working as a gym receptionist, a bar-back at a club, a cycling-studio receptionist, and a waiter. Jake simultaneously appeared for auditions and eventually landed his breakthrough role.

Lauren Deleo’s Net Worth

It is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of Lauren Deleo’s net worth and earnings at this time due to the lack of clarity regarding her working life. She is mostly in the public eye due to the fact that her husband is a famous actor and that the couple leads an extravagant lifestyle.

According to celebrity net worth, it is estimated that her husband, Jake, has a net worth of $500,000 at the present time. Because of all of his hard work in the entertainment industry, he has accumulated a substantial fortune, which is unquestionably continuing to grow.

The actor made his debut in 2008 on the longest-running series in the history of American television, “Guiding Light,” which is broadcast on CBS. In a similar vein, his breakthrough part didn’t come until two years later, when he played Casey Maron Davenport in the ABC comedy “Better With You.”

After that, he had a role in the thesis film for Columbia University called “C’est Moi.” As was said earlier, he made his debut in the part of Pete Miller, also known as Plop, in the ninth and final season of the NBC sitcom “The Office” in the year 2012. In the same year, he was chosen to play the role of Caleb Fuller, a leader of an intramural football team, in the live-action/animated sports comedy titled “Balls Out.”

In addition to that, he has supporting roles in the films “Obvious Child” (2014) and “Carol” (2015). In addition to that, he played the love interest of Olivia Wilde in the show “Love the Coopers,” and he also made an appearance as Nick Beverly in the Showtime series “I am Dying Up Here.”

In addition, he had a role in the political thriller “Miss Sloane,” which was released in 2016. After then, he made an appearance on the late-night talk show “Last Week Tonight,” namely in the episode titled “Encryption.” In the same year, Lacy had a role in “Their Finest,” a comedy-drama directed by Lone Scherfig and set during Global War II. The film had its world debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In the science fiction monster movie “Rampage,” which was released in 2018, Jake played the role of Brett Wyden. After thereafter, he had a starring role in the drama “Diane,” which had its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. His character’s name was Brian.

Find Lauren Deleo on Instagram

Lauren Deleo can be seen posting photos and videos to Instagram under the handle @laurengabriella. On the network, she currently has approximately 900 followers and has posted thirty times.

Lauren is not particularly active on her social media platforms and just occasionally shares something there. The majority of her photos are self-portraits or shots of her with her spouse Jake, and there are practically any pictures of her other acquaintances or family members. In addition, there is no additional information on her professional life in the entries.


  • Jake began his acting career in 2008, with an episode of the ‘CBS’ soap opera ‘Guiding Light,’ the longest-running series in American TV history. Two years later, he bagged his breakthrough role in the ‘ABC’ romantic sitcom ‘Better with You.’ Jake starred as ‘Casey Marion Davenport’ in 22 episodes of the sitcom. The show generally received positive reviews and even earned a few nominations. However, it was canceled after the maiden season, due to low ratings.
  • He had a lead role in the Columbia thesis film ‘C’est moi.’ Following this, in 2012, he began his recurring role as ‘Pete Miller,’ or “Plop,” in the ninth and the final season of the ‘NBC’ sitcom ‘The Office.’
  • Following this, Jake made his big-screen debut, as ‘Max,’ opposite Donna Stern as ‘Jenny Slate,’ in the romantic comedy ‘Obvious Child.’ The same year, he earned the leading role of ‘Caleb Fuller,’ an intramural football team leader, in the live-action/animated sports comedy ‘Balls Out.’
  • He also appeared as ‘Scott’ in an episode of the ‘NBC’ sitcom ‘The Michael J. Fox Show,’ titled ‘Surprise.’
  • Around the same time, Jake did two pilots, one each for ‘The Goodwin Games’ (2013) and ‘The McCarthys’ (2014). He was cast as ‘Richard Semco,’ opposite Rooney Mara (as ‘Therese Belivet’), in the 2015 drama film ‘Carol.’ Jake had auditioned and waited long to be finally cast in the film, a project that later earned him his next prominent roles.
  • In 2015, Jake was seen as ‘Joe’ in the comedy–drama film ‘Love the Coopers.’ Following this, he played ‘Keith’ in seven episodes of ‘Billy & Billie’ and ‘Fran Parker,’ love interest of Lena Dunham, in 12 episodes of the ‘HBO’ comedy–drama ‘Girls.’
  • Jake was cast as ‘Ken’ in the 2016 romantic comedy ‘How to Be Single’ and then appeared in the prominent role of ‘Carl Lundbeck/Brannigan’ in the WWII-set “dramedy” ‘Their Finest,’ which premiered at the ‘Toronto International Film Festival.’ The movie was an adaptation of the 2009 novel ‘Their Finest Hour and a Half.’ Jake dyed his hair blond to suit his ‘American Air Force’ soldier character.
  • Jake was cast as ‘Forde’ in the 2016 political thriller ‘Miss Sloane.’ He made an appearance in an episode of the late-night talk show ‘Last Week Tonight,’ titled ‘Encryption.’ In 2017, Jake was seen as ‘Jake Collins,’ opposite Eliza Taylor (as ‘Ellen Langford’) in the ‘Netflix’ Christmas comedy–drama ‘Christmas Inheritance.’
  • Simultaneously, Jake began his 16-episode stint in the ‘Showtime’ comedy ‘I’m Dying Up Here.’ Set against the backdrop of the mid-1970s stand-up scene, the series saw him reunite with his ‘The Office’ co-star Clark Duke. They starred as two comedians, ‘Nick Beverly’ and ‘Ron Shack.’
  • In 2018, Jake played ‘Brett Wyden’ in the science-fiction monster flick ‘Rampage.’ Following this, he was seen as ‘Brian’ in the drama ‘Diane,’ which premiered at the ‘Tribeca Film Festival.’ He played the antagonist ‘Jason Volta,’ a Silicon Valley tech billionaire, in the action–comedy ‘Johnny English Strikes Again.’

Jake Lacy’s Wife: Who Is Lauren Deleo? Siblings And Net Worth Explored!

Lauren Deleo and Jake Lacy have been married for a while now. As a result of his performance as Shane in the television series “The Lotus,” for which he was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor, Jake has gained widespread recognition as an actor.

In the ninth and last season of the hit television show “The Office,” in which he played the role of Pete Miller, he also gained a lot of notoriety.

The actor from “Better With You” wed Lauren Deleo in private in 2015, and the news of their marriage did not become public until the following year. Let’s learn more about Lauren Deleo.

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