‘I’m Going To Solve Rent Problems In Ghana’ – Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Nicholas Osei, also known as Prophet Kumchacha, the general overseer of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, has revealed his political ambitions.

Prophet Kumchacha revealed to Three Wise Men on Onua FM one of the issues she will deal with immediately if he becomes president in 2024.

If Prophet Kumchacha is elected, he claims that all of Ghana’s problems will be solved.

The controversial preacher announced his Kums Peoples Party (KPP) and stated that he will address the country’s rent issue.

In his submission, he said;

“I don’t want people to steal my policies, so I will mention only one strategy of mine. I’ll solve rent problems in the country.

A young guy who’s just started working will save for the whole year just pay for annual rent. Some pay as much as 10,000 for two years of rent. I will abolish the annual payment of rent. I’ll institute the monthly payments system for rent.

The youth are poised for greatness, but landlords don’t care. If they don’t adhere to the monthly payments system, they will have to eat their respective houses. I will make sure the law works. Also, I will tackle corruption.”


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