I used Juju on Akufo-Addo to make my boyfriend DCE, he dumped me after his appointment – Side chick

Akufo Addo

A lady with the name Emelia has alleged that the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Bosome Freho in the Ashanti Region made her visit a voodoo to get him appointed as DCE during the first term of the NanaAddo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government.

Emelia is the lady who did that juju runs for the DCE, she was on Oyerepa FM in Kumasi where she made it clear that, Hon. Yaw Danso has been her boyfriend for the past three years although she was aware that the man had a wife and a family. hmmmm

Emelia in the interview said that Yaw Danso asked her to help him get the DCE appointment from Nana Addo, and that is where she decided to see a fetish priest for assistance to ensure that her man gets the appointment.

Yaw Danso came to me and said they are appointing MMDCEs so I should help him so that he gets appointed. I took the matter up, went to a fetish priest called Okmfour Ati who is located at Bosome Freho for assistance and he got the appointment. The Day the appointment came, he came to my place and out of joy we had sex.

She said after Yaw Danso had got the appointment, he has refused to come to her neither has he come to pay homage to the gods that helped him secure the appointment adding that the gods have been haunting her ever since.

Now Yaw Danso always say he’s busy when I call him, he will say he has a meeting and that he will get back to me but he won’t. The last time he said he was going for a meeting and that when he’s coming what do I want but I didn’t hear from him again. We didn’t go and thank the gods for what they’ve done so they are haunting me. I promised the fetish GHC 4,000, I sheep and Schnapp because she said the position the person is going for is a very big one

She also made it clear that the District Chief Executive (DCE) has threatened to kill or make her mad if she continues to worry him.

Meanwhile, the DCE who refused to speak live on air told the radio station to direct the woman to go to WAJU and the right quarters to seek redress if she thinks she has a case and not sit on the radio to get her issues addressed.