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I Paid A Man To Get Me Pr@gnant Because (Read More)

I Paid A Man To Get Me Pr@gnant Because K!llers Took My Eye And Left Me With No Arms When I Was 12

Most of us know this popular saying, courage does not mean you are not afraid, but courage simply means you do not allow fear to stop you from your dreams no matter what life gives you at its own choice.

There are many out there with so many untold stories, their tears are not seen or known, and fears are yet to be conquered or overcome since many are still waiting for better days and others also think there is nothing better life can offer.

Whatever be the case, most of us are not to live the life that we live now and for that matter judging people might be wrong. This isn’t the life that this woman requested and not to request for the worse.

Today we present you the story of Jacqueline, a lady who has suffered a lot in life and all this happened some years ago. At the early stage of her life, she was living happily with her immediate family until the s@d day came. Per the story we have, at the age of 12, her family was att.acked by unknown killers for an unknown reason.

She watched as this unknown k!llers took the life of all the family members (5). During the as mentioned above, this family member includes her parents, brothers, sisters, and other relatives. Jacqueline’s life became more difficult and sorrowful as the k!llers took off her left eye and also cut off her hands leaving her to die.

God being soo God, she didn’t die as the k!llers predicted. According to her, she woke up in the hospital a day after the attack and realized that her arms and left eye were nowhere to be found.

Jacqueline went through the pain growing up. She has been to the dark side of this world living a miserable life. Because of her arms being off, she couldn’t do a lot of things by herself and there is not even a single family member to assist her.

There is no report on what caused the k!lling but Jacqueline is still alive and now hoping to get support or see better days of her life.

Jacqueline at some certain stage in her life needed a man she can call her husband, but the s@d thing is no man was ready to spend his life with a woman in her state. This made her pay an unknown man who she met one day to get her pr@gnant. And her wish happened.

She got pr@gnant and gave birth to Chantel her daughter who now calls anyone she sees ‘daddy’. There is no trace to Chantel’s father because he was paid and delivered. This is what we have for you.

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