Husband catch!e.s pregnant wife in bed with pastor in their matrimonial home

Husband catches pregnant wife in bed with pastor

In Zambia, a husband returned from work to discover his pregnant wife sharing their bed with her pastor. He couldn’t take the woman’s breach of the confidence he had placed in her, so he immediately began shouting her name.

The pastor was caught in the act with the woman, who was clearly pregnant, while he stood by the wall and did nothing. A devastated husband was made to call his wife’s name “Martha, Martha” out of pain and suffering.

The woman also had to work to keep her husband from catching her in the act of being completely exposed. She begged her husband groggily despite fully understanding that it would not be successful.

The video has gone viral on social media, with many expressing disgust at the action taken by the woman, who decided to cheat on her husband when she was heavily pregnant.

The pastor has also been called out for his disingenuous act.

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According to a new revelation, the pastor actually got the lady pregnant after years of barrenness and only came by to fulfil a spiritual requirement.

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