How to change Raiders in Dragon Ball The Breakers

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How to change Raiders in Dragon Ball The Breakers

Know How to change Raiders in Dragon Ball The Breakers

How to change Raiders in Dragon Ball The Breakers: Players begin Dragon Ball The Breakers as Survivors trapped in a Temporal Seam and being pursued by demonic Raiders. To advance in the game, you must complete the objectives of these two antagonistic parties. You can participate in the game as either a Raider or a Survivor on a team of seven. In Dragon Ball Breakers, changing Raiders is done as follows.

How to play as a Raider in Dragon Ball Breakers?

How to change Raiders in Dragon Ball The Breakers

In Dragon Ball The Breakers, the goal of a Raider is to eliminate all civilians and survivors while filling your evolution gauge to power up. As a Raider, you will be given the base form of the Dragon Ball baddies. Raiders, for example, will begin as Cell (Larva), Frieza (First Form), and Spopovic (1st form Majin Buu). Follow the instructions below to modify the Raider.

  1. Enter the Queue for a match
  2. Press Triangle to select between the Raiders available
  3. Select any of the unlocked Raiders you have and enter the match

As a Raider, you must be ruthless in your pursuit of Survivors, particularly those who are roaming alone. Raiders must immediately Power Up by filling their evolution gauge. You can attack survivors, reducing their health to zero and even killing them.

Remember that survivors can resuscitate each other, and it can be difficult to fight them all at once. As a Raider, an optimal tactic is to Power Up and begin destroying optional places on the field to narrow the map for Survivors. You can hunt in this manner.

Survivors are easily taken down, reducing their chances of escaping. Raiders can win the match if they eliminate all Survivors, destroy the Super Time Machine, or destroy the Escape Time Machine during the escape phase.

If the Escape Time Machine is destroyed during the Search Phase, the Raider immediately wins. While you have great strength as a Raider, use it wisely because it can be difficult to prevail against seven Survivors in Dragon Ball The Breakers.


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