How Much Alpha Hour Pastor Reportedly Makes From live sessions

Alpha Hour Pastor

Alpha Hour has grown to become one of the top virtual prayer room for most Christians, and according to some sources, Pastor Agyemang Elvis is probably cashing out big time.

Alpha Hour Pastor Reportedly Makes at least Ghc 100k

It is claimed that he makes at least GH100,000 per week because 50,000 people often participate in his weekly online prayer session.

The straightforward but insightful analogy is that Pastor Elvis Agyemand would earn GHC 100,000 if each attendee gave an offering of GHC 2 over the course of the whole week.

Actually, it is estimated that Pastor Elvis Agyemang probably makes more than that, judging from the number of people who attend the prayer session, the payment platforms he has, and the attraction the session gets.

Many people believe that his prayers are very powerful.

Pastor Elvis’s eloquence and Biblical dexterity have become a point of attraction and admiration to thousands who tune in every time to watch and pray.

With the number he is getting coupled with the supposed monetization of his pages, it is basically estimated that Pastor Elvis Agyemang of Alpha Hour makes GH100,000 per week.

That is obviously a smart way the pastor has found to make money virtually and to get traction on social media. With the advent of social media, Pastor Elvis Agyemang has gradually found innovative ways of making money.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang is not only revered but also testimonies have always abounded from participants about miracles happening in their lives. He has heightened the feeling of religious fanaticism amongst members and participants in a very secular world.

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