‘How I Transformed Gospel Music In Ghana’ – Obaapa Christy

The majority of those who have followed the entertainment industry for a long time believe Obaapa Christy’s breakthrough changed the course of gospel music in Ghana.

The renowned gospel performer, who is celebrating her 20th year in the music industry, was asked how she was able to transform gospel music in Ghana.

Obaapa Christy made this known during an interview with Amansan Krakye on the Kastle Drive Show, and in her submission, she said;

“Most people say that I changed the face of gospel music in Ghana but how I managed to do that is just by the grace of God. That’s why I said it earlier that God brought all of us into this world for a purpose and so I see it to my purpose why God brought me here. I really thank God that most people say I changed the face of gospel music in Ghana and it’s a big honour for me.

As for challenging times what I see is that whatever that happens in the life of every human being comes to open new doors for the person.

So whatever that happened to you in life was meant to strengthen you so that you will become more efficient so it’s all good. Every time with regards to everyone you will see that every blessing that come your way has its accompanying challenges that you need to overcome before you receive your blessings.

So challenges are part of life and it didn’t happen that way there is no way the success will become sweet after you achieved it.”

Source: www.ghnewslive.com