How I feel without Patapaa – Wife bares it all


Life in Germany without Patapaa has become monotonous to say the least, according to Liha Miller, because of his joyful demeanor and ability to create a pleasant environment whenever he is with his wife.

Liha has decided to go to Germany, her birth country, to work as a nurse, while the artist remains in Ghana to focus on his music career.

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While it was necessary for them to stay in different nations for the sake of their work, the difficulty of being apart from each other stares them in the face and is biting hard, at least in Liha’s case, as she has admitted.

Patapaa’s wife explained that:

“Patapaa is someone that if you’re around him, he will always make you laugh. I miss him because I’m home and alone. When Patapaa is around, he will make me laugh, he will talk; sometimes, it will annoy me but I really miss it.”

According to Liha, the decision to relocate to Germany was well thought through.
“He can’t come and sit with me working at the hospital together, he’s not a nurse. I understand it and I respect his work because we talked about it at the beginning that he will still continue to do his music,” she noted.

In recent times, there have been rumors that the two who got married in January 2021 had divorced but both of them have rubbished the claims.

While admitting that every marriage has its own problems and theirs is no exception, Liha whose decision to not wear her ring has contributed to the speculations said: “The fact that I don’t wear my ring always doesn’t mean we are divorced and even if our marriage is troubled, nobody has the right to talk about it and make recommendations for us, except ourselves and parents.”

Patapaa had earlier chided Zionfelix for hurriedly jetting to Germany to interview his wife after the rumors went rife. In his fury, Patapaa said Zionfelix was the reason he does not want to see his wife again.

In response, Zionfelix said he only went to interview Liha. Without equivocation, Zionfelix said “I don’t have anything to do with the wife. I don’t know what is going on between him and his wife. I’m just a celebrity and lifestyle blogger. I also do interviews and I went to interview his wife as I’ve done with some other people.”