Hogbetsotso Festival: Shatta Wale Heartbroken As He Clarifies Why He Did Not Perform

Shatta Wale has at long last made sense of why he wouldn’t perform at the 2022 Hogbetsotso Festival. The performer got all emotional, as he recounted his side of the story and referenced that there was a break of understanding in their terms of agreement from the show coordinators.

In light of his failure to perform, Shatta Wale, got a strong reaction of condemnation from Captain Smart and others after news came to light that he had would not perform in the wake of being renumerated.

The contentious musician, was paid for in full to perform at the 2022 Hogbetsotso Festival, however the dancehall artist wouldn’t perform after showing up in Anloga.

Shatta Wale.

Captain Smart and others vigorously censured Shatta Wale after it was accounted for that Shatta would not entertain the indigenes of Anloga by performing a show. Shatta Wale has emerged to recount his piece of the story.

The apparently emotional artiste, took to Instagram Live to make sense of what has been going on to his fans. As indicated by Shatta Wale, he had a concurrence with the show coordinators, expressing that he wouldn’t allow any interviews or exchange pleasantaries with chiefs.

He was simply to perform. In any case, per the expressions of Shatta Wale, when he got to Anloga, he was taken straightforwardly to a radio broadcast station, a reality which befuddled the dancehall whiz since it had been specified in the agreement that he was not to give any radio interviews.

Shatta Wale intimated that the show coordinators later on told his team that they wouldn’t take him to his lodging in the event that he didn’t grant the interview. He then chose not to honor his end of the deal as he felt disregarded. As indicated by the dancehall legend, he was dealt with poorly and was staggered by the mannerisms of the coordinators.

Shatta Wale was all personally shook as he talked and inquired as to why show coordinators generally mistreat Ghanaian musicians. Numerous individuals concurred with Shatta Wale, whiles others felt he ought to have performed despite what happened.

Some Ghanaians have expressed their reactions regarding Shatta Wale’s clarification on the matter, as seen below respectively;

Osmanu Amadu dropped his 2cents on the matter: At least for ur fans u should have appeared on the show. I think too many times u get issues with show organizers, why is it so ? If u really care about ur fans, going to greet a chief or doing an interview is the least of it.

Michael also expressed: shatta is right!, the organisers didn’t respect shatta and the people who came for the show….. look at bad treatment you gave to the artist to come and perform.

Richard Lanyo was unmoved by the explanation: I don’t see why any serious organizers should entertain this crazy guy

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